Product and Company Updates for April 2017

Product Customizer (by August 2017 Product Update

Lots of exciting things have been going on at in the past few months.

We have a third co-founder

In March we brought on a new Co-Founder, Mike Nunez who is also our CEO. While with Channel Intelligence (CI), Mike developed the Google Shopping bidding strategy that would power CI to outperform every other agency in the industry, contributing to Google’s eventual acquisition of CI in 2013.

Mike also created, a leading marketing agency. He took the company from 2 people to currently 25. They’ve been awarded the 2016 Agency of the Year at Affiliate Summit, the largest affiliate related conference in the world, by a committee of their peers. They were also awarded 2016 Agency of the Year by AvantLink, a leading affiliate network.

All three co-founders are working full-time on

In April, both Mike and I (Cindy) began working on Artistry full-time. Previously, only Luis Morales was working on the business full-time. With us on board, this frees up much needed time for Luis to work on development, while we focus on other parts of the company.

Product Customizer (by Installations

We finished April off with 214 active installations of the Product Customizer (by app for Shopify. That’s 86 more than the previous month.

Improved Customer Onboarding

We switched our email marketing service over to SendPulse. They were generous enough to offer us an entire year’s worth of their service for free!

So far we’re enjoying their service. It was relatively simple to integrate with our Product Customizer (by app on Shopify.

We also created a new customer onboarding email automation series because starting to use a new program can be difficult. Sometimes you’re all over the place and don’t know where to start, so we put together a few emails to help our users get started using the app.

We also added an email that users receive when they uninstall the app for their confirmation, as well as to find out if they uninstalled the app due to something that we’re able to address easily.

New Support Process

We started using ZenDesk for support. We received a free year’s worth of service from them. It’s been a big help in tracking and handling our support issues.

We’ve got our in-house support emails set up to get sent to ZenDesk automatically, and we integrated the support contact form in our control panel to send support requests to ZenDesk as well.

Moving Forward

I’m always fascinated by reading about the growth and progress of other entrepreneurs and businesses I admire. As a business, we decided that we’d like to share our progress with you.

In addition to publishing helpful articles (such as the one I posted below,) we’ll keep you updated on our progress and growth on the app and business in general. Thank you for joining along on our journey!

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