The Best Shopify Theme Is Free!

We’ve been searching for the best Shopify theme for a while now.  We scoured the earth for a Shopify theme, paid or free, that integrated with our Product Customizer App nicely.  We found none.  Until last week.

Last week we found Debut.  Debut is a free Shopify theme developed by Shopify which uses Shopify’s new Theme Sections feature.

Before reviewing Debut, I was a little bit confused about what was the difference between Sections and Snippets.  I read the documentation, and I just thought they did the same thing: allow you to insert snippets of HTML into different areas of your website. Boy was I wrong!  Theme Sections rock and I believe they will make life easy on both Theme Designers and Store Owners.  I loved Debut because it brilliantly uses Sections and will help you understand how it can revolutionize the way to customize your store.

When a theme implements Sections, as Debut does, store owners can add different Sections to the front page.  The really cool thing about Sections is that you can add more than one Section of the same type and each Section can be configured differently.  Before Sections, this used to be a pain for both Theme Designers and Store Owners.

For example, this is a screenshot of the Sections implemented by Debut:

This is how ChessDope (our Demo store) looked like right after installing Debut:

In around 30 minutes and after uploading some images we had our demo site looked like this:

But what I probably liked most about Debut is that our Product Customizer App looks really nice out of the box!  These are screenshots of the product page with a customizable product and the Product Customizer open.

I love minimalistic design and I know that’s the main reason why like Debut so much.  Trying to be as objective as possible I still believe Debut is the best theme in Shopify right now.  With the brilliant use of Sections, the combinations are really high and would allow any store owner to create the look and feel that matches their brand; all that without a single line of coding and FREE!

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Luis Morales

Luis Morales

Co-Founder and CTO at - E-commerce conversion rate optimization platform powered by Machine Learning. Born in Puerto Rico, Luis is a self-taught web developer, proud U.S. Army veteran, and former lawyer.

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